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We have no doubt that responsible cafes can change the way we live and give. They can gently direct consumers, manufacturers and law makers to change their approach to single-use waste. We hope that, throughout the world, others will copy the UYOC model, because single-use waste is rubbish. 

UYOC is business and kindness combined. It exists to provide a way of giving while earning a living. 

UYOC is a unique online directory, which contains all the information a discerning customer needs to choose and locate the right café for them. We aim to make this the most user-appealing, efficient and effective online tool possible.

UYOC aims to encourage consumers and businesses to minimise their use of single-use waste.

UYOC aims to encourage and support cafes and restaurants to consider ecological and social responsibility a part of their day-to-day business by promoting their efforts through the media and appropriate advertising.  

We aim to make the UYOC logo synonymous with responsible business choices, informed consumer choices and thoughtful life choices.  

It is our promise to distribute all profits from UYOC to pro-active charities, NGOs and institutions who work to alleviate suffering and to defend and protect the natural world. To this end, UYOC will always donate all after-tax profits to these organisations.


To our friends in the media, it would be wonderful if you could help spread the word, about UYOC, about responsible cafes, about the need to rethink single use waste and about the organisations who continue to work hard on behalf of us all to keep things safe and sound in our super special country. Please get in touch if we can do anything to help you to help us all. You know you have the power. 



Wants very much to do something that would please David Attenborough. Available 24/7 to talk UYOC or anything that assists those who are making things better, good, safe. Loves life in New …
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First Mate - Graphic Design

A colour nerd, Marie loves to create and communicate in all mediums. She presently lives in Australia but will be home to Otago soon as she misses fush and …
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Happy as Larry mum and family girl. Project Coordinator/ Job Juggler at Turboweb. Super mega proud to be part of UYOC and anything that is kind to our planet. Feels at her …
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