About UYOC

UYOC.CO.NZ is a not-for-profit, online, café guide. It stands for Use Your Own Cup. 


We represent cafes who are committed minimizing their environmental impact by welcoming us to use our own cups when we take out. Every cafe listed here will pour a brew into any vessel we bring them.


We also work as a philanthropic, social enterprise, stepping in to connect folks who can help each other do good, and stepping up to fund local projects and initiatives. We have no ego - we just want to see the world we leave behind to be one that life can thrive in, respecting the rights of all living things to clean air, water and land.


And all profits from the UYOC guide are employed in tangible projects that work to alleviate suffering and defend the natural world. 




Here to talk anything UYOC 24/7 ⭐ Click TALK GOODNESS with me to think of ways together to make change happen, in your cafe, your business, your school, your area. 
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First Mate - Graphic Design

Marie is a freelance designer and illustrator who does all the colour and image work for UYOC ⭐ Except this! ⭐ Click HELP US MARIE to connect with her. 
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Project Coordinator

Mum ~ Hip Hop fanatic ~ Project Coordinator @ Turboweb. Carer of things that matter. Doing her best to spread the word, the love, the vibe that you can make a difference …
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