Cafes - Start A Mug Library!

We're all about the no.8 wire approach - identify the problem and fix it with what you have at hand. If you start a mug library, let us know, or if you're already a member, update your listing and be part of a growing national network of borrow and bring back. 

Visit an Op Shop and buy some good sized mugs - you know your customers' preferences - or ask your community to donate 'jam jars' with lids. Get in touch with us and we can send you some elastic heat bands for glass jars...

Put the mugs and jars somewhere prominent, in a basket or tub or crate? Be creatives and work with your aesthetic, or hang mugs on the wall? 

Download one of our signs, or make your own, encouraging customers to help you reduce single use by helping themselves - how about a chalk board? Or an op-shop picture frame? Or email us and we'll sned you a poster!

You may want to talk with other cafes about encouraging the flow of mugs between you?