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Here you can find files to download or view, for cafes, at home, for schools or for workplaces.

To Encourage Others

We made up some posters for some guys who wanted something to display at their workplace. It works for schools, the gym and as a reminder on the kitchen door etc too. Feel free to download and print. If you need a larger file, just click HERE to email us. 

For Your Office...

Does you office run on caffeine? Do you have a mug stash in your workplace kitchen? You could print this little cutie (click the link below) and pop it on the cupboard door? Encourage your colleagues to show their personality and choose a mug to take to the cafe at smoko?

Cafes - A Practical Hospo Guide

Here are some suggestions of how to avoid or minimise the impacts of the daily waste that our industry inherently produces - tips and advice about how to Reduce, Refuse, Refill, Reuse. We are here to help out in anyway we can. Use us!


Cafes - Start A Mug Library!

We're all about the no.8 wire approach - identify the problem and fix it with what you have at hand. If you start a mug library, let us know, or if you're already a member, update your listing and be part of a growing national network of borrow and bring back. 

Visit an Op Shop and buy some good sized mugs - you know your customers' preferences - or ask your community to donate 'jam jars' with lids. Get in touch with us and we can send you some elastic heat bands for glass jars...

Put the mugs and jars somewhere prominent, in a basket or tub or crate? Be creatives and work with your aesthetic, or hang mugs on the wall? 

Download one of our signs, or make your own, encouraging customers to help you reduce single use by helping themselves - how about a chalk board? Or an op-shop picture frame? Or email us and we'll sned you a poster!

You may want to talk with other cafes about encouraging the flow of mugs between you?

Be Water Proactive

If you are a business with a tap, and you are happy for folks to wander in and ask to refill their water flask, or if you're a community group who would love to see less single-use plastic bottles floating about all over the place, print this and display. Go one step further and spread the word - Ask cafes, adventure stores, libraries, to display one and be the change. Magic. Community.

For Cafes...Disposables In-House

Some times us customers just don't think. We just love our coffee and we're in the habit of using a disposable cup, even when dining in. Once it's pointed out to us that there are other and better ways to do things, we're usually ok with it. These signs may help encourage us?

Encourage Others

Feel free to download this poster for your workplace, school, any where - letting others know that we can help them be reuse revolutionaries. Easy peasy. 

A Daily Guide For Humans

We can reduce so much single use waste in our daily lives, so simply. Usually it is just a matter of breaking some habits, and thinking a little futher. Here are some top tips. As always, if you have others that are working for you, let us know! Remember you can and do make a difference. We influence each other by what we buy, by who we tell about it. Use your social media, use your consumer dollars to turn things around. Businesses will adjust to what it is that we prefer. We just have to let them know!



...any way you can. This printable door hanger could help you remember what you'd like to have with you when you leave the house. After a few weeks, you'll be in the habit, and you can pass your door hanger on to a friend, or a stranger?! Print and snip and hang up. 

Cafes - Download - Print - Trim - Display

Please display which ever of these signs apply to your business, to reduce plastic water bottle purchases, to reduce single-use coffee cups and to reduce the amount of straws you use each week. Hopefully, over time, acts like yours will spread throughout the country and our single-use habits will change. Small steps - Huge, bloody HUGE impacts. Thank you.