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A Practical Hospo Guide

If you're in hospitality, please download this wee guide to a few steps you can take, without incurring great cost (and often at no cost at all) to work with your customers to reduce single-use waste. If you have other suggestions, as always, let us know!

People, reduce single use

We can reduce so much single use waste in our daily lives, so simply. Usually it is just a matter of breaking some habits, and thinking a little futher. Here are some top tips. As always, if you have others that are working for you, let us know!

Download - Print - Trim - Display

Please display which ever of these signs apply to your business, to reduce plastic water bottle purchases, to reduce single-use coffee cups and to reduce the amount of straws you use each week. Hopefully, over time, acts like yours will spread throughout the country and our single-use habits will change. Small steps - Huge, bloody HUGE impacts. Thank you.