More About You...

You may like to let your customers know in your listing what else your business does to minimise its ecological footprint. What other extra services do you offer that make you just that little bit different, that make you a responsible cafe? Please use your listing space to highlight your points of pride and to encourage others to follow your lead.

For example, do any of these apply to your establishment? 

  • Offer take-out coffee grounds for gardens
  • Use renewable energy 
  • Don't offer plastic bags
  • Don't sell plastic bottled water
  • Grow your own veggies or herbs
  • Prepare food from scratch on site
  • Electric vehicle recharge point 
  • Sell reusable straws
  • Baby change facilities
  • Happy to rinse out UYOCups for customers
  • Support local charities
  • Sell locally produced pantry products in store
  • Pay living wage
  • Provide unisex toilets
  • Have a cycle-safe bike stand nearby
  • Make probably the best vanilla chai in the hemisphere