Be A Use Your Own Cup Cafe

Join us? We'd love it if you would. All you have to do is promise to welcome customers who wish to use their own take out cups. Just like Vogel Street Kitchen do. 

And Yip - there's a 365 day free trial. 

  • Join us now -  create your account on our join us page. We do not want your credit card details - not now, not ever.
  • Create your café listing. It will be live immediately. The benefits kick in straight away.
  • You can now log in as a member anytime – make changes to your listing and see where you are at with your free trial.
  • Edit and update your business listing yourself – you are in control.


Once you're in, we'll send you a beautiful UYOC sticker to display in your window so folks know you welcome them to use their own cups and that you support business + kindness( the rogue UYOC postal fairy may have sent you one already - she's just like that).  

7 days before your 365 day trial is up, we will email an invoice for the next 12 months' membership. If being a UYOC café is making you feel good, pay and stay. If not, don’t. It’s as simple as that. No credit card hooks. You are in control.

Full subscription to UYOC is NZ$365 a year. That’s a dollar day, plus GST - not too shabby for unlimited good feelings and increased access to potential customers. And if you ever want to leave at any time, we’ll refund you for your remaining days - no questions asked, no crying and no fuss. Well, may be a wee tear or two, but you won't have to look.

*NB* Anyone signing up for the free trial before the 1st of November 2017 gets the benefits of UYOC for longer as we wont be starting your 365 day countdown until then. 

We have no doubt that responsible cafes can change the way we live and give. They can gently direct consumers, manufacturers and law makers to change their approach to single-use waste. We hope that, throughout the world, others will copy the UYOC model, because single-use waste is rubbish. Join us? Go on...

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