Ed Sheeran tickets - Free!

Support Movember and have yourself a top night. Click here to read more about getting your your name in the hat (a real hat) to win 2 tickets to see Ed in Dunners, 1 April, 2018. Enter our draw by instagram or email. Comp closes noon 30th November. NZ residents only this time. 

By Email Send a mail to us via our CONTACT page. In the SUBJECT box, type "Look after the lads"❤️

By Instagram @uyoc.nz Look for any post on our page with a moustache - these are the entry posts. Then ❤️ Follow @movember ❤️ Tag a friend ❤️

Extra If you'd like to send in or post your mo pics, we'll add them to our Movember news and give you a shout out ❤️ Show the love ❤️


Find out more about Movember - https://nz.movember.com/?home


Image IG: @fedeli_wanaka

IG: @uyoc.nz 

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