Plastic Free July Prep

Sooo, it's coming. Plastic Free July gives us a nicely designated time frame to practice reducing single-use waste in our daily lives. Click on this article to expand it and read some suggestions from the folks at to help us practically rethink our relationship with waste...and follow the links below to get into it. 

Carry your own containers for take out food and leftovers

  • Provide your own containers for take-out places to use.
  • Take your own containers to restaurants if you think you'll have leftovers.

Carry a stainless steel travel mug or water bottle at all times

  • Reusable coffee cups and water bottles can be found everywhere!
  • If you forget your reusable cup or bottle, look for water fountains or ask a cafe if you can have a glass of water.

Coffee on the go

  • Use a reusable coffee cup.
  • Does it have to be on the go? You could dine-in if real coffee cups are in use.

Snacking on the go

  • Go for an ice cream served in a cone (got to love an edible container).
  • Bakeries generally serve pies, sausage rolls, pastries in paper bags.
  • Choose a snack that isn't pre-wrapped.

Drinking at a cafe or bar

  • Make sure you ask for "no straw".

Carry reusable utensils

  • You can purchase bamboo utensils.
  • Take your stainless steel cutlery from home, or check the op-shop for a set.
  • Even reusable plastic utensils are better than disposable ones.

Avoiding Plastic when Travelling
Travelling and convenience often go hand in hand. Here some helpful tips to help you avoid plastic packaging during travel:

  • Take your own reusable drink container; even on a plane.
  • Take your own snacks.
  • Take your own earphones. 
  • Take your own personal hygiene products.
  • Bring your own pillow or neck-rest on a plane.
  • Take a laptop or iPad to avoid plastic pens.
  • Take a reusable spoon or spork (then you can share an ice cream).

Also consider packing a couple of light reusable bags to use when buying souvenirs or anything else you might need when you are away.

Image thanks to IG: @westonfuller

IG: @plasticfreejuly

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