Smoothie Straws - Woohoo

Plastic straws, (even 'compostable' PLA straws which need to be sent to commercialy facilities to degrade) are one of the big, bad 4 things that we can easily cut out of the chain, along with plastc bags, plastic water bottles and single-use coffee cups. It will make a HUGE and immediate difference to the health of our oceans and land if we stop using them. If you have a favourite cafe or restaurant who still uses plastic straws and you'd like them to make the change to compostable paper or reusable metal - email us and we'll offer them some alternatives, for free, to get them started.

These are stainless-steel.  Commercial machine washable and easy to use - at uyoc, we carry our own about with us. Feels bloody great to say 'No straw thanks, I have my own'. Our thanks to Caliwoods for supplying these straws to New Zealand. 

IG: @caliwoods_eco

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