Soul Food Soulfood Organic, Wanaka. Now, we know they make delicious, organic treats to nourish you every mealtime, all day long, and that they are a lifestyle store for reusables, organic goodies and freshness. And you can find out more by searching for them by name, but click into this for a little bit of their story, because they're an interesting crew...

"Now we’ve been around for a bit. 1999, to be exact. In that time, we’ve grown from strength to strength. You see, we’re surrounded by discerning people who know that organic food, when produced from a point of love, is better for the environment, better for our ecomomy and better for our health.  It just makes sense that how we gather natures gifts and how we farm flows on to us, all of it.  We are made of energy after all, as our friend Mr Einstein showed us, so what we consume, in it’s entirety, is absorbed by our bodies. And how we treat our fellow plant and animal kingdoms flows to them and their environments alstroemerias o.  So here at Soulfood we encourage awareness and responsibility in how we live, how we eat and nourish ourselves and each other.

Our community and yes, that means you, is why we exist. As Anna Lappe put it, “Everytime you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.” And for that, our growers, our environment, our local economy and Soul Food’s many ambassadors, thank you."

IG: @soulfoodorganic

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