The Fed Crew in Wanaka

Fedeli, Wanaka, may be a Take Away only, but they're doing all they can to work with us to keep things clean. Use your own cup, plate, bowl, container for your lunch or take out drinks and they couldn't be happier. We love these guys. They're walking the good walk. 

In their own Fedeli, Wanaka words, because we couldn't put it better: "We're all about the food, we can't get enough of the stuff. Producing it, sourcing it, creating it, sharing itFresh is best, and our local landscape is what inspires our recipes and creates these flavours. We know you're in a hurry, thats why we're fast. We know you want quality, thats why we source local and produce seasonal. We know you want flavour, thats why we're fedeli."

IG: @fedeli_wanaka


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