Curbside Café

When your journeys take you Tolaga Bay, stop and see Verity and the crew at the small but perfect Curbside Cafe, on wheels, by the ocean, full of welcoming smiles. Burgers and smoothies, coffee and catering, they will take care of you, locals and visitors alike. Say hello from us, and remember to Use Your Own Cup for a hearty discount on your brew!

IG: @curbside_cafe

Forever Straw Co.

These are beautiful. Silver, gold, rose gold. Comfortable to drink from, machine washable with the cutest wee cleaning brushes. Take them every where with you. Be a hero. Start conversations. Be the change. Click HERE to get changing...

IG: @foreverstrawco

Refill NZ Org

There is no need for us to spend another single cent on bottled water. Click HERE for more about Refill NZ and how you, your cafe, your council and your business can be a part of this vital movement.

Cafe Encounter

Kaikoura is home of Dolphin Encounter and at their headquarters you will find Cafe Encounter, a gorgeous cafe and eatery by the sea. Outside seating to soak up the views while you eat locally sourced food and sample locally produced wines. There's space for the kids, too. Make time to stay because you'll want to linger. But if you rush you must, be sure to use your own cup.

IG: @dolphinencounterkaikoura

NYE Tauranga

Early bird and all that. Click HERE to find out more about TIDES NYE in Tauranga, hosted by our mates at Our Place...


IG: @gunandcoco

IG: @ourplacetauranga

Tall Poppy Central

Juices, booches, teas, treats and of course coffee from Tara and the Paraparaumu team. They love it when you chose to Use Your Own Cup, and if you need one for a friend who still chucks, they have you covered with Tall Poppy reusables in the cafe. 

Eden & Movember

So much resepct for cafes, like the guys at Eden, who never stop thinking to ways to support their community, local and national. Proud to represent them. Click HERE to donate to Movember and search uyoc for more about Eden. 

Good Karma Cafe?

Yup. The truck guys are having a mothership. Same specialty coffee goodness but heaps more of everything that you can't fit in a truck! If you are an Instagrammer, follow them to find out about an ace compeition they'll be runnning to celebrate this new endeavour!

IG: @goodkarmaft