Baked On Alexandra

Te Awamutu people! Here is Christmas. Pop in and see Toni and the crew and get pressies for the short black drinker, the latte drinker, the soy hot chocolate, the smoothie lover - Joco Cups from teeny to bigggish. Sure, socks are the best, but reusable cups come next...

Today Is My Birthday

...and I want to say 'thank you' to my Mum and her sweetheart, Ian, for loving me and looking out for me, even when I'm a pain in the arse. 

Forty Five & Co

Did you see a cuter wee coffee cart? Pop in and be local when you're in the Mount. Give them our love, have a smoothie with NO PLASTIC STRAWS then hit the Waipuna Hospice shop for some pre-loved bargains. Sounds like heaven to me...Use Your Own Cup for a discount. Use their mug library if you forget your own.

Sam Dunn Ceramics

We have so many talented potters in New Zealand, there really is no excuse for single use. Click HERE to contact Sam and find one of these beauties to be your very own. 

IG: @samlabel_

The Coffee Project x 2

So, you know Henry & Ted cafe in Papamoa? We didn't ask how, but they had two beautiful babies who make great coffee, great treats and good vibes. And they'll discount your brew when you UYOC. Search now for The Coffee Project and be local. 

Forever Straw Co

If you have to suck, make it reusbale? These smooth beauties are Forever Straw Co. Their home is at Shake in Wellington, so they know how to handle smoothies and shakes. If you're thinking of getting only gifts that count this Christmas? Click HERE for more...

Juicy at Pluto

Stay a while in Tauranga and take your healthy pick from a range of wholesome, healthy, oh so delicious salads and bowls, smoothies and frozen treats, coffee, soups and lunch boxes at Pluto Juice Bar. If you have to run, they love it when you use your own cup to take their fresh made and squeezed goodness away for a stroll on the beach. Go say hello when you're in Devonport Road. Tell them we sent you. We love Pluto. 

IG: @pluto_juice_bar

2 Peas In A Pod

Coffee Carts, franchises, owner operators, ice rinks - if you sell coffee you can be part of the change. These guys are Dunedin favourites on the Kaikorai Valley Road and they welcome folks from all walks of life to Use their Own Cups. Great coffee. Great banter. Being the change.