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Rescuing Food. Nourishing Communities.

We are extremely proud to support the work of Kiwiharvest in any way we can. What drives them? In their own words..."It’s our belief that every New Zealander, especially our most vulnerable children and families, should have access to fresh, nutritious food." Watch a video about there vital work HERE

We love these guys. Find out MORE

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Winter menu is here at the Vanguard Cafe on Princes St, Dunedin. It's simple here - their day is about specialty brews and blends and about seasonal, organic wholefoods. 'Stuff' rate there brew as perhaps the best in Dunedin! See their listing with us to discover more, or just pop in, smell the in-house roastery and eat clean and wholesome. If you want to talk about the beans, ask boss man Jason: a coffee geek, he will make time to talk coffee. 

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Why we're here

Millions of disposable cups go to landfill in NZ each year. We use around 800,000 every day! What?! The same plastic lining that makes them waterproof makes them almost impossible to deal with. And those 'compostable' ones...Nah ahh. They can only be composted in inductrial facilities, not in a backyard, so most of those are lifelong landfill too. They'll out live the lot of us. It's also important to consider how the corn used to make the 'compostable' cups is produced, what land is cleared to support this new 'green' industry and how that competes with human food needs, or forestry needs. You can't grow food or trees on area cleared to plant corn to make coffee cups. Crazy huh.   

Reduce land disruption, reduce waste, reduce greenhouse gases from landfill and reduce ocean pollution by saying No Thanks to dispoable cups. Make time to stay and drink in? Or bring a jam jar, a mug or any container from home? Famcy somthing flashe? Treat yourself to a reusable cup. Then visit one of our cafes to get the thumbs up for being a legend. And use the dollar/star search button to find cafes who will discount your take out when you UYOC. Use Your Own Cup.

And just in case you need another reason to get your own, those plastic lids you drink from? They're number 6 plastic - polystyrene - known endocrine disrupters and more studies have just been done on the effects upon the human body when hot liquid comes in contact with them - not good. Keep yourself and your environment safe. Say 'No' to disposable cups. 

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Bee Wanderlust

Our friend Becca, budget traveller, sustainability enthusiast, is searching for ways to travel, responsibly, on the road. She's looking, first hand, into environmental issues that affect us all, whether we are wanderlusters or homebodies, and offering solutions, affordbale ones, to some of the simplest, but largest problems our little planet is facing. Have a look at her blog HERE, and follow her instagram journey below?

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The Rubbish Trip

Two zero-waste nomads, talk trash with people. These guys are legends - informed and informative. Proactive and accessible. Walking the walk while they talk the talk. Learn more about them HERE and get them to talk in your area, with your young folks, workplace, communty centre!

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The Rubbish Trip Resources click HERE

Good Karma FT

Not just another coffee truck. These guys will let you drove the Good Karma Truck all around the Eatern Viaduct (Nope, that's not true) but they are providing Aucklanders and visitors with specialty coffee, nitro cold brew, smashing smooties and wholesome raw bites - and smiles, lots of them. You'll also find them popping up at events around town, proudly serving Kokako Coffee

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Before You Fly...

...visit the team at Coffee Culture, Christchurch Airport. Bring your own cup and they'll gladly refill it, or purchase one in store. Too easy. And did you know ALL Coffee Culture stores have free WI-Fi?So, they're on the ground floor smack bang between the domestic and international terminals and they're looking forward to you 'landing' soon. 

IG: @coffeeculturenz to buy your Frank Green or Keep Cup online today!


Everybody Eats

If you've had a good feed today, pay it forward and support some legends who are addressing food waste and food poverty in one fantastic movement! There's a Crowdfunding campaign in progress to give the chefs and volunteers from Everybody Eats a permanent home. They've been feeding Aucklanders from all walks of life for a while now, and we want the to continue - saving great ingredients that would go to waste, putting our restaurant quality dining for koha - feeding bellies not bins. Click HERE to donate (there's some ace prizes in it for you too).

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