The Remedy Espresso Bar

Look at them? Look at the smiles and look at the real cup! Thrilled to bits to be working with and for these guys. Click HERE for more from them...or find them at Raumati Beach and Rimu Rd, on the glorious Kapiti Coast....

Switch, New Brighton

M U G L I B R A R Y 💚🌱🌎 Save a takeaway cup from landfill or if you forgot your keep cup just borrow a mug from their stash and return it another day - Communities working together. Perfect. 

The Exchange, Queenstown

Oh yes they have! Welcome to the start of The Exchange’s cup library. If you forget your keep cup or just don’t want a paper cup, grab one of these and then pop it back when you come for your next coffee EASY all cup donations welcome!!!

IG: @exchangecafe

North Drift Cafe, Ahipara

...and when you take out, try one of their jam jars 😊 Plastic free committed!

The Coffee Shack Wanaka

The Coffee Shack, Wanaka - "If you're forgetful like me then take advantage of the free jar exchange scheme at the shack. Get yourself a cute cup cosy while you're at it!"

IG: @thecoffeshackwanaka

Box Cafe Christchurch

A great little cafe on Acheron Drive, oozing with personality and overflowing with home baking and wholesome feeds - Try the falafel bowl - for all diets and appetites. Locals love it - If you're passing through Christchurch, go and love it too. And remember if you use your own cup the big smiles will become huge!

IG: @boxcafechch

Willi's Kitchen

An intimate and friendly plantbased café on the Wellington scene, and a welcome one, Willi's are making their mark with inventive and delicious meals and snacks, with so many options for those of us who choose dairy and gluten free. Wander down Manners Street and feed your soul and your tummy. 


If You're A Cafe...

...and you'd like to retail reusable metal straws in your café, your juice bar, your world, click HERE to look at the options Caliwoods have for you. They can hook you up with non-soggy paper strwas too.  

IG: @caliwoods_eco