Why list on UYOC?

Reasons to be cheerful with UYOC:

  • Promotion through multiple give aways on social media - cost you nothing
  • Receive a 1 year trial with full member benefits for free
  • Increased online visibility - benefit from our google rankings and reciprocal web listings
  • Access to search criteria statistics - see what customers are looking for throughout the year
  • Media attention and promotion through charity giving as part of UYOC brand
  • Rotated search result listings, not alphabetical, allowing prime position to all
  • Encouraging avoidance of single use waste
  • Save money by reducing use of take-out cup stock
  • Receive negative customer feedback offline via us. Receive customer praise online in our news.
  • Appearance in rotated 'Cafe-of-the-Day' homepage listing
  • Association with kindness brand
  • Incentivise customers and be a catalyst to make the change stick
  • No credit card 'hook'. Payment via invoice simpler for your accounts.
  • Option to pay quarterly or yearly - see how you go
  • Simple refund policy to keep things fair - only pay for time you stay
  • Kudos and Karma- priceless

Benefit from a variety of competitions, events and media promotions drawing clients to directory search page. Have a look here. 

Refunds + cancellations

Like any healthy relationship, although we want you to stay, we will understand if you feel you have to leave. You are welcome to cancel your subscription, in writing (includes electronic communication) at any time during your 12 or 3 month subscription, without the need to give an explanation to uyo nz ltd. You will receive a full refund for unused future services according to how many calendar days remain in your subscription from the time your email is received. We just want you to be happy. 

We have no doubt that responsible cafes can change the way we live and give. They can gently direct consumers, manufacturers and law makers to change their approach to single-use waste. We hope that, throughout the world, others will copy the UYOC model, because single-use waste is rubbish. Join us? Go on...