Your listing - Your petals

The Petals

1.    Plant Based (pb) – Serves a selection of food and/or drinks that are completely free of animal products, including honey, dairy and meat. 

2.    Breast Feeding Friendly (b) – Welcomes customers who wish to feed their infants the natural way, while showing respect for themselves and others.

3.    Ethical Coffee Beans (eb) – Serving coffee using beans that come from Fair Trade, fair wage and fair living sources.

4.    Container (ctn) - Happy for customers to request take outs in their own containers or tubs.

5.    Water Refill Point (h2o) – Happy to provide water to refill water flasks and bottles, to discourage the purchase of single-use plastic waste. 

6.    Sell Reusable Cups (src) – Stock reusable cups, such as Keep cups, Joco Cups, Eco cups, Frank Green cups or others. 

7.    Responsible Food Waste (w) – Compost kitchen scraps, or feed to worms, pigs, chooks etc. Saving food waste from going to landfill.

8.    Pet Friendly (pf) – Have an outside area where well-behaved pets are welcome. Supply water bowls for pets, habitually or on request. 

9.    Free Wifi (wf) – Provide unlimited free wifi for customers. 

10.   Take Our Coffee Grounds (tog) – Are happy for customers to ask for used coffeegrounds to take away. 

11.    No Plastic Straws (nps) – Do not serve any type of plastic straws in drinks to have in-house or to take away. PLA plant-based plastic straws are considered to be plastic, as without responsible commercial composting (which can not be guaranteed with take away drinks), they behave in our waterways, ocean and landfill as do regular plastic straws. 

12.    Gluten Free (gf) – Provide a selection of options for customers who have gluten intolerance or are Coeliac.